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    We dig lighting.


    As users of our own products, we understand how important it is to make affordable, easy to use lighting products with great aesthetics.


    And we want to bring happy faces to our customers like they are our friends and families.


    We believe technology must be useful for people and gentle to the environment.


    And we are working hard to deliver on these promises, every single day.


    Actual quotes from real J.LUMI customers


    SKU: BPC4505

    “ Seems I looked forever to find a good led light for the refrigerator, including ordering bulbs with the wrong base. Before LED lights I would have just bought the inexpensive replacement standard light bulb, but I've come to believe LEDs are infinitely better than when they first came out. I awarded 5 stars as I knew immediately upon screwing it in that it exceeded my expectations. I was used to 5 watt replacement bulbs for 40 watts of light routinely gave half the lumens that a normal 40 watt bulb. This 5 watt bulb appears more like a 60 watt bulb. I looked twice as it is a small light bulb. I'm quite happy with it and will now use the extra 3 I have to place in the ceiling fan in my kitchen. "


    SKU: GBS9809

    “Well, this was NOT the first light I bought. BUT it is the LAST I will have to buy. I got this to illuminate my American Flag!. Other lights weren't bright enough and some I tried were solar -- nothing was right. So after reading reviews this one seemed worth a shot. YES, bright bright, plugs in and that is fine. EASY to assemble - just put the stake on it and plug it in -- MY FLAG LOOKS BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHT all night. I just put it on a timer and BINGO --- perfect!!!!!!”


    SKU: TRK9000

    “For months I had been looking to add some light and decor to my home theater room. For months I found gimmicky lamps; very small lamps- nothing that would merit installing at my media room. These looked very good and accepted common bulbs; I was hesitant at first to buy as there were no reviews at all! I purchased two of these and the track taking the risk; along a cloth covered cable and prong to plug to a wall. To my surprise these are much better than I thought!- very nice. I mean they are not true theater lights, but the size, the paint and the looks are right! At the cost it is very reasonable! Whole install took 1 hr, but just because I was new to track lights. I added quality dimmable led bulbs and a dimmer. My wife was doubtful when I took these out of the box- but once installed- she was blown away- nicely played on my part! And since I only bought two- her recommendation- buy a third! -"Ben- you should never decor on pairs"- as always she is right so placing a new order shortly. Well done J.Lumi”


    Buy direct from J.LUMI in the IN-STOCK section only.  Please order all other products on Amazon.


    Committed to Your Total Satisfaction

    Our Standard 12-Month Warranty

    We are proud of our product quality. But it doesn't mean our products are damage-proof. Operating voltage, exposure to electrical spikes, physical shock and vibration, how often the light is turned on and off, and ambient operating temperature could also compromise or damage products.


    Therefore, we are providing 12-month replacement warranty on all J.LUMI and J.VOLT products. As long as our customer could verify the purchase and provide proof of evidence for defects, we will provide replacement unit(s) free of charge OR ultimate refund if things don't work out. J.LUMI is committed to your total satisfaction.


    We currently sell our products on Amazon as well as on this site only. Product sold through other selling platforms (e.g. eBay) are not be covered by J.LUMI standard warranty. If you purchase your products from eBay, please contact your eBay seller regarding warranty of products.

    To Obtain Warranty

    Please send email to jaylumi@outlook.com, or use the Contact Seller feature on your Amazon order page, to write to us about the technical difficulty you are experiencing.


    To make a claim, we will need:


    (1) your Amazon order number, and


    (2) evidence of defects such as photos, descriptions, etc.


    After your purchase is verified, we will send instructions on receiving replacement unit(s). Replacement is currently delivered with customer placing a new order then receiving full refund afterwards. All our stocks are with Amazon and we do not ship to customer directly, or conduct exchange and return outside the Amazon platform. We do appreciate your consideration and thank you for your understanding.

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